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Bonnie Wahl

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Greg  Bailey
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Lonnie Ritchie
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Chris Hoppus
Phone: 805.238.4984
Fax: 805.239.0703

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Lime Mountain Company

Lime Mountain Company located approximately 25 miles west of Paso Robles is a leading supplier of sedimentary calcium carbonate throughout California. On the family owned 5,000 acre property is an extensive deposit of limestone where it is mined and processed. Lime Mountain's limestone products are sold in bulk quantities and used in a wide variety of applications; the glass industry, animal feeds, fertilizer mixes, soil amendments, water treatment, roofing fillers and co-generation plants, among others. High quality calcium agricultural grade limestone with less than 1% magnesium carbonate, is used extensively for pH improvement on acidic soils and soil balancing throughout the central and coastal California farming communities.

Lime Mountain Company is dedicated to the principal of providing a consistent, high quality product provided with superior customer service.

Lime Mountain Company is uniquely positioned to meet customer specifications on numerous products. The following products are produced and sold in bulk quantities:

  Limestone Products Characteristics  Purity CaCO3 General Uses   
  200X Filler 200 mesh -- Roofing Mat'l/Glass  
  Flour 200 mesh 80-85% Animal Feeds  
  Meal 12 X 200 92.5-94.0%

Animal Feeds

  614 grit 6 X 14 94.0-94.5% Animal Feed/Fertilizer  
  Leach Rock -1 1/2" X 1" 94.0-94.5% Water Treatment/Foundry  
  1220/2460 12 X 20 94.0-94.5% Co-gen/
Animal Feeds
  Road Base -- -- Road Stabilization  
  Ag-lime 6 X 100 82% CCE* Soil Amendment  

Lime Mountain Company maintains membership in the following industry organizations:
• California Construction and Minerals Association
• California Grain & Feed Association

*Calcium Carbonate Equivalent=CaCO3 + MgCO3

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